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Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
ДНУ Herald of the Dnepropetrovsk National University
Series ‘Economics’

Scientific publication

Journal publication FEE

For DNU staff the publication fee is 40 UAH per 1 page of article.

For other authors the publication fee is 53 UAH per 1 page of paper. The fee includes: the publication in the scientific compilation journal and the postal charges for dispatch and delivery of the courtesy copy by a registered letter.

One article (regardless of the number of authors) is supplied by only 1 author’s copy of the journal. In case of necessity supplementary copies can be ordered beforehand. The cost of each additional journal is 70 UAH.

The billing invoice is issued to the author immediately after the preliminary reviewing of his/her paper. Only the complete set of documents is accepted for preliminary reviewing:

- Article, edited and formalized according to the requirements;

- Academic review by a Doctor of Economics (in case no Doctor of Economics is marked as co-author);

- Information about author in the required format.

Home  |  Article editing requirements  |  Contacts |  Journal contents

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